Stage 1: Contract and Permitting

After your Sales Contract has been ratified we will begin to assemble the necessary construction documents. Once we have received the building permit, completed the building site prep, and you have finalized your selections, we will contact you to schedule a Pre-Construction Meeting.

Stage 2: Pre-Construction Meeting

At the Pre-Construction Meeting you will meet the Eric who will be responsible for the construction of your home. In this meeting, we will review the specific selections and details of your new home.

Stage 3: Excavation and Foundation

During this stage, we will install the footings, foundation walls, under-slab plumbing, and house slabs. We also apply a Water-Proofing compound to the exterior of the foundation walls, backfill and rough grade the lot, and apply termite treatment.

Stage 4: Framing

This where your home starts to take shape. During this stage the wall, floor, and roof components are assembled. The home wrap, windows, and exterior doors are installed. Certain exterior finishes such as exterior trim work, brick and stone veneers, and roof shingles are also started during this stage.

Stage 5: Rough Mechanical

During this stage we will install duct work, furnace equipment, gas fire places, plumbing supply and waste pipes, gas piping, electrical wiring, and all data, media, and security wiring. Additionally our subcontractors conduct inspections to insure everything is complete and of the highest quality prior to installing drywall.

Stage 6: Pre-Drywall and Drywall

Now that the major systems are completed, it is a good opportunity for you to visit your home. We will contact you to attend a Pre- Drywall Meeting where you will walk through the home with Eric. Together, we will confirm that all of your requested mechanical, electrical, and multi media options have been completed and located correctly.

Stage 7: Interior Trim and Painting

During the trim and painting stage, the interior of your home will begin to reflect the colors and finishes you selected. The exterior of your home will be nearing completion . Your home will have cabinets and vanities, interior doors and moldings, counter tops, ceramic tile, and interior paint.

Stage 8: Finish Mechanicals, Fixtures, and Appliances

During this stage we will install the interior railings, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, shower enclosures, shelving, mirrors, interior hardware and door knobs, and kitchen appliances. On the exterior, we will complete the concrete walks, install exterior lighting, and begin the prep work for final grading and landscaping.

Stage 9: Flooring

At this point in construction the finish line is in sight. During this stage we will install the hardwood flooring and carpeting. The interior will be complete. On the exterior we will complete the final grading of the yard and install landscaping.

Stage 10: Quality Control and Final Inspections

During this stage we will conduct Final Quality Control Inspections. We place a great deal of importance on this inspection as it is our goal to present a beautiful; 100% complete home to you at your Orientation, we are extremely proud of the homes we build, and want you to feel the same.

Stage 11: Orientation

We are now ready to conduct your orientation. Eric will explain all of the major systems, fixtures, appliances, and other features of your home. Additionally, you will receive vital information on how your home operates, your Required Maintenance Responsibilities, Emergency Contacts, and our Warranty Process.

Stage 12: Settlement

This is the Final Stage of your home buying experience. After you have conducted your final inspection, you will receive the keys to your new home.

ESB Contracting has an excellent working relationship with some of the finest architects in New Jersey. If you do not yet have an architect for your project, we can easily assist you in finding the best architect for your project based on your style and budget.

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